September 24, 2017

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‘I Do … Until I Don’t’ Doesn’t Quite Work … Until It Does

Lake Bell’s follow-up to 2013′s In a World … lacks that film’s focus and drive, but finds itself in the final act, once its pacing grows “agreeably manic.”

(Image credit: The Film Arcade)

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‘Viceroy’s House’: A Warm-Hearted Look At The Sunset Of The British Empire

Directed and co-written by Gurinder Chadha (who also directed and co-wrote Bend it Like Beckham) this crowd-pleasing, gently revisionist period drama examines the last days of British colonial rule.

(Image credit: Kerry Monteen/IFC Films)

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Houston’s Flooding Problem Reflects Shortfalls In City Planning

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Lack of proper drainage, no real zoning code and rapid unregulated growth had a hand in damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Coupled with climate change, it was a recipe for disaster. NPR’s Kelly McEvers talks with Bloomberg Businessweek economics editor Peter Coy who recently published a feature called “Harvey Wasn’t Just Bad Weather. It Was Bad City Planning.”

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