October 20, 2017

No National Standards

Outrage Over Kids Pole Dancing

This is the shocking moment a child took part in an ‘unsavory’ pole dancing display at a primary school summer fete. Dressed in a pair of gold hot pants and a cropped tee-shirt, the unnamed dancer hurls herself around the pole put up in the playground as families including young children watch on. Parents have criticised the school, and one father who stormed off said ‘lots of people were upset’ after seeing the performance at Crockenhill Primary School near Swanley, in north Kent. But the owner of Revolutions Pole Academy, who led the display, and the primary school’s headteacher have denied …continue reading

No National Standards, Little Oversight

no standards

Our nationwide investigation has found that there is no federal oversight of death investigators or the offices in which they work. Body parts have been lost in Massachusetts, murderers went free in Nebraska because of incompetent autopsies, whereas in Mississippi botched autopsies have sent innocent people to prison for life. “Hospitals are accredited. Barbers are accredited. You would think that a medical legal death investigation system would have to go through a periodic inspection and accreditation,” says Dr. Ross Zumwalt, chief of the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator and one of the co-authors of the National Academy of …continue reading